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Call for Volunteers!

[Updated 2018/01/16]
Hello OpenPerpetuummers.

We have Great News Everyone!  We are putting out an official call for volunteers from the community to step forward in whatever capacity one is either interested or well suited for.  To preface the survey, we think it best to introduce our team structure and talk about the areas of focus one can be a part of.  Some will overlap, or have shared needs, but we would like you to consider at least a primary area to focus on.  Naturally as different teams spin up and spin down on projects, others may need assistance.

The Tech Teams:

The Programmer Team is responsible for developing and maintaining all technical assets, now including server source, tooling, and technical support for Design Team activities.  This includes peripheral programming tasks, including the website, and other future projects like exposing a API for 3rd party development, and far-future tasks to begin addressing client-side projects.  Some basic competencies are expected here, but do not require language specific experience.  DB specific experience and expertise is also in high demand.  Server source is in C# but tooling need not be.  If you are looking for open-source contribution opportunities, this is your chance!

There are other teams and groups under this heading that are responsible for things like server infrastructure, maintenance, and hosting.  These are not entry points for volunteers at this moment.


Our Community Engagement Team has been hard at work setting up our web presence and maintaining our social media pages, discord, forums, etc.  We are finding that it is quite a task on its own, so if you find yourself to be a “people person” with a knack for writing, posting, and spreading the word, this might be a team that could use your help.  Note that we need strong writing skills but not just in English.  This game has its roots in Europe and has since cultivated a strong following in many countries and languages.  If you are such a person with bilingual capacities; we especially need you!  Such roles could include, in-game/forum/discord moderator, translator, social media manager, player-event organizer, and more!

The Design Teams:

The Content Team is already hard at work designing new islands, and thinking of possible implementation issues for new module types, and bot roles.  This role is not just sculpting islands, it is creating all aspects of new and re-imagined content.  There are limits to island sculpting until the dev-client is released.  However, you will see that has not stopped members on this team.  If you are resourceful, creative, and hard-working, you too may re-imagine a Perpetuum universe to that we can all be proud of!

The Economy Team has formed to allow members to focus on all things Industry and Market.  This is an important component of the Perpetuum sandbox we all know is imperative to maintain, to further reinforce this, dedicating people and attention to this subject is necessary.  Team members here are spending a lot of time in spreadsheets looking at how costs of different ore types, or different yield amounts affect production levels and economy health, and more!  If you find yourself doing this very thing as a player, you might consider lending your skills to this team!

The Balance Team has been the most overworked team to date.  Even without the server, identifying the problems (the solutions) and creating spreadsheets to hash out effects of changes is already an enormous task given the scope of what is at stake.  It is a challenging problem, that requires creativity and systems-thinking skills to understand how it all works.  Yet even the most rigorous theory-crafting won’t account for the reality “on the ground”.  Testing will be the final determinate of what is or is not balanced.  We all know what happens when you balance from a distance, we want our balancing team to be hands on with their changes and not take it for granted.  For this team you could either be an experienced PVP or PVE player, perpetuum or similar game experiences would be preferred.  Do you have what it takes Agent?!


If you are interested in volunteering, now is your chance!

Fill out the survey and make yourself known!
We look forward to reading your responses and contacting you soon.


So at this point you might be thinking to yourself: “Hey, can I just play?”

Of course!  We do not expect everyone and their mother to be a volunteer, nor should they.  We are making this so that more people can have more fun.  But, we recognize their is willing and able talent in our community that is more than eager to help.  To that, we are grateful!


You might also be saying to yourself: “Hey, I want to help, but I can’t for [time/skill/effort] limitations…”

SULK NO LONGER BRAVE HERO!  For there is a way that any and everyone can show their support for this ambitious endeavor:  Support us on Patreon!  And ensure a lasting and bright future for you and your children to enjoy a Perpetuum that shall exist in perpetuity.

Announcing the Open Perpetuum Project

A Re-Introduction

We are You – the players of Perpetuum.  We have spent years fighting with and against you, conquering betas and leveling gammas, building empires of wealth, and providing content of our own creation in the true-nature of a sandbox mmo.

As you may have heard, Avatar Creations has formally announced their end of development activity and has since pledged to provide a server application for the community to use for their own purposes.

As a result of this, we have established a group to dedicate, consolidate, and organize community members and resources to once again bring Perpetuum back and introduce it to a new generation of players.  We have several immediate and long term goals to ensure the success of this project.  But first perhaps you would like to know who we are and how this will be a better Perpetuum.

Announcing the Open Perpetuum Project – The Community Development Project

We are Open Perpetuum: a collective of diverse, altruistic players like you, organized around the central principle of reviving and making a better Perpetuum. The server, development, and volunteer work, everything you see here is a part of this big open source project.  Together we will generate a better balance, content, and establish a persistent perpetuum-universe that we have always wanted and can all enjoy.

Goals – How to make a better Perpetuum

All of us agree Perpetuum has potential to be a sustainable, living, fun, and engaging sandbox mmo.  Our primary goal is to realize this latent potential.  To best achieve this, we have outlined specific areas for our project to focus on.  We have established teams to address each area.

  • Balance – The balancing team is responsible for establishing, testing, and integrating balance changes to the game.
  • Content – The content team will generate and edit in-game content, including the world, zones, and robots!
  • Web – The web team is running the community web-presence, the forums, FB, Twitter etc.
  • Server – The server team is all about infrastructure and making sure the pipeline for changes, and player connections are the best they can be.

If you see an area of interest or expertise, volunteer!  Each subject has a wealth of tasks, alternatives, and solutions that could use your help.


We have established a transparent, equitable crowd-funding platform to allow donations to be managed and tracked.

Please go here to contribute!

All monetary contributions will be considered purely as donations, and NOT in exchange for any guarantee, service or product.  All donations will go to any necessary costs associated with running the server.  Any surplus will be held to further fund the server in the years to come.  Should there be a significant call for additional allocations from the community, as there was on the official server, funds may be allocated to advertise our server.  The goal in advertising will be to grow the community, not obtain more donations.  No member, contributor, consultant or player will be compensated for their time, effort or work generated on behalf of the Open Perpetuum Project.  This is not a commercial enterprise.  This is not a professional establishment.  This is an experimental project for the purposes of learning, enjoyment, and skill-building.


You may be returning as an old vet from early beta, or a new player that bought the game yesterday.  We hope everyone sees that the game for the last few years has been lackluster, but not irreparable.  Many have already agreed there are simple, direct, solutions to a number of these issues (opportunities) if only we had our own server…

With the recent announcement and pending release, we will!

This is an enormous opportunity to revitalize the game, and ensure future success and growth of our community.

Join us!  Donate! Contribute!  And soon: Play!


Discord:   (Use the OpenPerpetuum Category)