Welcome to the OPP server, we are glad you are here playing with us and look forward to actively playing and chatting with all members in the community.

While playing on the OPP server there are some rules and guidelines to follow that will make life easier for all players and promote an enjoyable time playing on the OPP Server.

OPP welcomes all play styles and age groups 13 years of age or higher (with parents permission/consent).  As Perpetuum is an online PVP game with players from all over the world, it is important to have in place some helpful controls to improve your game experience with undesirable and offensive personal messages or people.

3rd party Software, Multi-boxing, and Unfair play

The OPP server has strict guidelines against the use of 3rd party software to gain unfair advantages in-game.

  • Any automation or multi-client control software is forbidden in all cases.
  • The simultaneous operation of more than 5 accounts is prohibited.
  • Registering accounts with falsified, invalid, or unreachable email addresses, or those that are not owned by the player, are prohibited.

For any of these offenses, the OP Team reserves the right, in any case, to use discretion in all punitive actions.
Violations of any of these offenses can result in an immediate and permanent ban of the affected accounts.

How To Protect Yourself

The first step in successfully protecting yourself is turning on the mature language filter.

Mature language filter settings in game are found under  “Options” in the left side of the header bar:

The mature language filter is then under the “GAMEPLAY” tab, then listed as “Profanity filter”:

The Next Step is blocking people:

If you feel another player is being offensive or spamming you, there is the ability to “Block” that players offending communications.  By effectively “Blocking” someone the targeted person will not be able to message you AND you will not be able to see what they type in public channels.   To block a Private Message (PM) simply right click on their name on the Private Message channel you were contacted on and you will be able to select “Block” under Agents.  The same feature is available if you right click on someones name in a public channel and select “Block”

These two features will improve your overall game play greatly.  If you are being further harassed by someone who may be sending multiple messages from multiple accounts it’s time to get in chat moderators involved.  Chat Moderators can be found in public channels and are designated as a yellow name at the top of channels:

Right click on the chat moderators name and open a private conversation.  Please provide specific information, such as the name of person who is harassing you and time of event. If you can, please include relevant chat logs if you have them.

OPP Development Team will not tolerate direct attacks or threats on a player’s person that is in excess of basic trolling, anger, or inflamed speech.  Direct Attacks, Trolling, Sustained Inflamed Speech, Spamming and Hate Speech is strictly prohibited in public channels (all bold channel names in the listing).  Direct Attacks include, but are not limited to: racist name calling or race baiting, on going attacks on a player’s culture or lifestyle, sexual harassment or sexual preference attacks will not be tolerated.  In all cases these are subject to moderators’ discretion.

Player Created channels are unmoderated (user discretion is advised).

However, in all cases where any action on the part of a player is unlawful, unethical, or otherwise determined to be objectionable by OPP moderators, OPP reserves the right to take corrective action.