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New Player FAQ

Welcome to Open Perpetuuma community hosted and open source development project for Perpetuum Online the sci-fi sandbox mmorpg.
You have arrived in the Tutorial and are directed to complete the Rookie Checklist.
We have compiled some FAQs here to help guide your journey through this process.


Can I skip the tutorial?

Yes, but you shouldn’t as it covers most of the basic mechanics of the game and exposes you to a number of activities that you might know to try.  You are also awarded for completing things in the tutorial – finish the tutorial and get several bots, with modules, and ammo to jump start your entrance onto Nia!

How do I skip the tutorial?

Complete the first few objectives, activate your Arkhe, undock, and walk towards the desired exit of the Faction you would like to start as.

How do I complete the tutorial?

Follow the Rookie Checklist.  This window should be open by default when you arrive.  It can be minimized to the bottom bar, click there to expand it.  You may also open the Rookie Checklist via the Help menu (left of the Options and Logout buttons on the top bar)

Follow each objective and read closely what it asks you to do.  Be careful to not skip ahead or fall out of sequence.

Where is the artifact?

Under the spinning building past the heliotropis fields.

What Faction should I pick?

First – what do you want to do?  Industrial or Combat?
Industrial: Mining/harvesting/hauling/production/artifacting.
Combat: Shoot NPCs, players, or trees (when they get in the way).

If you pick industrial you will get robots of the Industrial and Syndicate variety, as the Syndicate have some complementary industrial type robots in a separate piloting skill category.

Combat Factions:  Each of the 3 Faction exits (Pelistal, Numiqol, and Thelodica) will give you equal starting skills and assets with the Syndicate Faction line of combat robots, so they are always a choice to fall back on regardless which of the 3 non-industrial exits you pick.

Syndicate – Specialize in firearms, armor buffer tank, srf-area, cheaper and more available from the Syndicate Supply Shops.
Nuimqol – Fast, run-and-gun, high alpha strike short range, armor repair tank, target jamming.
Thelodica – Range, resistance armor tank, sensor suppression.
Pelistal – Missiles, shield tank, energy warfare.

Picking a starting faction determines only what bots and skills you are given when you exit the tutorial, you can always train other skills as you earn EP.
You may find it more efficient to focus on one or few factions or bot-types.

Can I return to the tutorial island?

No, but you can always review the Rookie Checklist in-game via the Help menu.  You may also create another character to leave them in tutorial and use it as a testing/sandbox for anything you are curious about.

Beyond the Training Zone

Welcome to Nia!

So you made it out of the tutorial, what now hotshot?

If you are unsure about what to do, where to go, and what secrets lie beneath the surface of this alien planet, read on (but we won’t tell all of the secrets!  But maybe others in the community may know something more…)

  • What should I do now?
    • What do you like to do? – Do that! Nearly any activity in the game can help you earn EP for skills and earn NIC to buy better stuff!
    • Anything you see in Assignments can be done on your own in the world.
    • Go mine, harvest, artifact, and sell your bounty on the markets!
    • Go shoot npcs and sell your loot on the markets!
    • Gather materials yourself or from the markets and build stuff!
    • It is all up to you!