Call for Volunteers!

The Open Perpetuum Project is now seeking volunteers in a number of areas!
Please follow links to relevant volunteer positions below to find where you might fit best.
Feel free to review all of the different teams and activities members participate in and apply anytime using the Volunteer Survey.

We are a team of volunteering professionals, students, and players from all over the world.  Many team members trace their roots to the first days of Perpetuum.  We have a strong team-oriented collaborative approach to our development and design challenges.  We have bi-weekly meetings (read: every two weeks) on Saturdays at 1900 UTC on our discord voice channels.  This is not mandatory, only a strong tradition we have maintained since starting in August of 2017.  We often find those that attend and join chats are more effective team members in the end.

Read more about what Open Perpetuum is here.

The Teams:

Tech Team – Click for details

The tech team work in extending the capabilities of the server and enhancing the player experience by implementing new interactive features, items and bots!  This is the software engineering team building an ecosystem of tools and processes to enhance the Perpetuum game experience.  Software developers, devops, DBAs, and the like apply here!

Game Design & Art Team – Click for details

The game design, art, and community team has a wide variety of opportunities in conjuring, crafting, and refining new game content ideas from content to the essential details of game balance, economy, art, and more!  The community team heads up all of our communication and in-house media generation.  There are a wide variety of opportunities for players and content generators of all kinds.  Anyone can find a place to contribute.  Click the link above to learn more!

How to Apply:

Fill out our volunteer survey and provide the necessary details for us to contact you for a follow-up.

Volunteer Survey – Click here


Get to know the Team!

Join us on discord to chat with anyone on the team and learn more about what we do.

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