Developers wanted!

The Open Perpetuum Project has a number of open-source contributor roles that you can be a part of in any capacity you choose.

Note that some roles are “deeper” than others, and will require more coordination with team members to be effective. Join the team to be a part of the conversation and understand better what you can do and increase likelihood of your changes making it into a live MMO!

Here is a list of teams/projects or efforts within our technical team to help you gain insight on potential areas of contribution.  We list the technology used and indicate how much knowledge would be ideal to get started, but any gaps you may have are easily bridged by spending some quality time with the knowledgeable and friendly contributors on the Open Perpetuum Project.  Think of them as a list of things you need to be willing to learn.

All of the projects linked below can be found in our Github group at:

The Tech Team

Everyone on the tech team has a hand in extending the capabilities of the server and enhancing the player experience by implementing new interactive features, items and bots.  This team sees all development through from prototype to deployment on the live server.  Many work across repositories so do not think you will need to be siloed to any one project or space.


Relevant repositories:
The Perpetuum Server project hosts the server application codebase which handles all interaction between game clients and the database.
You will learn, or have experience with:

  • C#
  • SQL
  • Git


Relevant Repositories:
This team handles DB patches and state management for new features and parameter changes.  We have a strict version control and deployment procedures governed by this repository.
You will learn, or have experience with:

  • Database management
  • Git


Relevant Repositories: (current)  (legacy)
A public facing API that serves and handles account registration and management, killboards and an expanding list of other features like: leaderboards, server statistics, event announcements, and more.
You will learn, or have experience with:

  • C#
  • SQL
  • Git

Server Hosting and DevOps:

Server hosting team members that are proven and capable industry experienced server hosts that have a keen sense of security, stability, and OS configuration.  Our standards for this are high, but we do accept those with server administration backgrounds. Contributing here might be setting up development servers for testing, as an example.

Project Management:

Relevant Repositories:
Interested in gaining experience coordinating tasking, eliciting feature requirements, coordinating a team of international industry professionals?  Have we got some opportunities for you!
You will learn, or have experience with:

  • Github features like: issues, projects, groups etc.
  • Clear written english
  • Software engineering/development background of some kind.

Tooling and other spinoffs:

There are other projects that pop up on an as-needed basis and may serve as opportunities for you to expand your (and our) horizons.  We have a number of these projects in the github group for you to take a look at. Speak with team members about which of these projects, or ideas you have, could most benefit the project.


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