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Are you looking to contribute to an open-source MMO but don’t have any programming experience?  SULK NO LONGER BRAVE HERO! For there are opportunities for non-technical individuals to contribute to an ever growing project and community project!

We value individuals with strong backgrounds in highly collaborative team environments that can communicate their ideas thoughtfully and clearly.  We also value those that are familiar with Perpetuum and consider themselves as part of the community. Haven’t played? Maybe you should! It’s a requirement to join – we are strong believers in you must know the dynamics of the game that you design, especially when it is living and breathing on the internet as we speak.

We have several “teams” you can choose to be a part of.  Many of us wear multiple hats, don’t think you are limited in your interests or capabilities to grow into more roles on the team.

The Community Team:

If you are a “people person” this is your team!

Members generate blogs and postings (like this one!) and curate other content like our videos (youtube) and graphics as seen on our blogs.  Community Team members also help curate public postings to our forums of discussion like Discord and Reddit. We also have a social media presence (facebook, twitter) that is managed by this team to help get the word out about the project and game.  Streamers, tweeters, redditors, editors, translators, and more are welcome here!  Note: you need not satisfy all bullets below.

  • Facility with one or more languages, English being one, in written form.  Any writing experience is desirable.
  • Or – Effective social media use and marketing experience.
  • Or – Experience with video, audio and graphics generation or editing, streaming, and other forms of media is highly desirable.
  • Or – Moderation experience and community management.
  • Or – Being an active, positive, member of the community is also highly desirable.

Game Design Teams:

Below are the teams we generally label as our “Design Team” which is a very broad brush we have learned.  Some contributors have particular interests, expertise, or experience in the game that lend themselves more to one type of “content” or feature-understanding over another.  Thus as we grew, so did these distinctions to allow people to not only go broad across these groups, but deep within one area as they liked.

The Art Team

This team creates and edits assets to be show in the game client as players connect to the Open Perpetuum server.  This includes assets like: icons, graphics, textures, sounds, names, text, and descriptions of all in-game items, modules and robots!

  • (Artists) Experience with graphics design, art, and related software.
  • (Writers) Clear written English.
  • (Translators) Ability to translate from English to any of the following: Hungarian, German, Portuguese, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian, Romanian, Norwegian, Greek, Finnish, Italian, Turkish, Estonian, Swedish, Dutch.

The Content Team

This team oversees generation of new elements in the game and synthesizes their purpose and effects in the game ecosystem.  Creative repurposing of existing game elements, and being clever with a limited set of tools and capabilities is key to being effective on this team.  A keen understanding of the player experience, and being able to assess changes in the game in an unbiased manner is of utmost importance. This team typically oversees the NPC system, island and world design, concept design of new features and more!

  • Experience with design thinking (any field) and systems, clear written and spoken English, and familiarity with Perpetuum game mechanics and history is desirable.

The Economy Team

This team lives in spreadsheets and understands on a fundamental level the importance and nuances of a sandbox MMO economy and economies in general.  Understanding the industrial system of the game, markets, and other economic impacts of new features are key responsibilities of this team.

This team typically oversees loot, mineral-balance, rewards, industrial facilities, item production tables, research trees, pricing and designed valuation of new items.

  • Experience with systems-thinking, spreadsheets, math, basic economics or experience as an “Industrialist” in Perpetuum are desirable for membership on this team.

The Balance Team

All design elements that present players with choice must be balanced so that there are never clear superior choices that dominate or inferior choices that frustrate. This team typically oversees balancing on all parameters of bots, modules and items as it pertains to the PVP or PVE.

  • Experience with spreadsheets, math, or experience as “Combat” pilot and theory-crafter/fit-designer in Perpetuum are desirable for membership on this team.

The Test Team

Ever played a game and found a bug, took a screenshot, and reported it to the devs with relevant contextual information?  Then you have what it takes to be a part of the Testing Team! The testing team is responsible for testing new features and changes for bugs, mistakes, usability or performance issues before it hits production!  This team is a vital core of the project and is also a great place to start if you don’t know where you might fit best at first.

  • Experience playing Perpetuum is a must.  Familiarity with bug reporting and testing procedures is a bonus.


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