OpenPerpetuum: Who we are and What we stand for

OpenPerpetuum: Who we are and What we stand for

Before we dive into our Roadmap blog, it is perhaps worth establishing our directives in how we proceed into the future of the project and reintroducing ourselves to the community at large. The project was established in September of last year shortly following the closure and announcement of the standalone server from AC.  We first announced our formation and began our work to prepare for the standalone release, and have been working ever since.  However it seems fitting to write a bit about who we are and why we are here.

Who We Are

OpenPerpetuum is comprised of players like you from all sides and times of Perpetuum, from beta to its final days. Players of all playstyles, expertise, and interests, working together for a common cause.  We want a server that best serves the whole community, and to actively promote discussion and testing to make it better.  An MMO’s lifeblood is its community.  You are that community.  Come Join Us,

We are not Avatar Creations, the original developers of Perpetuum Online.  If you have questions about your own server or the game client please direct your inquires to: [email protected]

The Founding Principles

OpenPerpetuum was founded for the sole purpose of making Perpetuum better and hosting a server for the whole community.  Anyone can play, of any playstyle.  PVP, PVE, Industry, lone-wolf or megacorp, all are welcome and can find value in their activities on the OPP Server.  Game balance and content will be in support of all playstyles, and new content will be developed to support and enrich all activities.

Our Goals

  • To actively develop and refine the Perpetuum game to make it a compelling choice for sci-fi mmo sandbox players for years to come.
  • To grow the server community beyond the bounds of its current audience, while still maintaining its core values, game design principles, features, and genre.
  • To make and maintain one server for everyone.

Our Promise

  • The server will be free to register and play, forever.
  • The server will run as long as we have donations to fund it.
  • We will actively develop and add content to the game as long as the community supports us.

If you don’t like what we are doing let us know, and more importantly how to make it better!  Or take an active role and join the team!

Stay Tuned for our Roadmap Blog and see where this is all going!


Screen from our PVP event testing weekend