Month: June 2018

Syndicate Shops and Tokens: Details for Live Patch 3

Greetings Nians! Live patch 3 brings many changes, most notably the Robot Painting System. Because this is a big addition to the Syndicate Shop’s selection of goods, we also took this opportunity to reconsider and re-balance some existing item pricing and provide new, improved, ways for players to access more and different content. Token Sources…
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Paint: An Introduction and Guide

Nians! You have asked for Robot Paint since the time before time began, on a server long-ago. It is with great pleasure that we announce: Robot Paint is coming to the server! This is a very new feature and to work with the capabilities of the client as it is currently implemented, some may find…
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Month 2: Perpetual Progress

Nians, Our next phase of development is already underway and would like to share details of the upcoming patch this weekend, and sneak peek the one coming after. This Sunday at the regular patch time there are a great number of changes, bug fixes, features, and new content based on our roadmap and your feedback!…
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