Month: April 2018

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How to Connect

How to Connect

  1. Purchase and download the Perpetuum Online Steam Client
  2. Open Client
  3. Click on Server List
  4. Find the Open Perpetuum Project Live Server | 142:44:143:226
  5. Click ADD to add to your favorites for easy future logins
  6. Proceed to Register.  See how here in this post
  7. Login with your registered credentials and Play!
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Launch Day!

We are going live Saturday April 14th, 2018, 20:00 UTC!


What you need to know:

  • All character data will be wiped from the pre-alpha server.
  • The (pre-alpha) Live server will likely go down in advance of this time in order to prepare and verify the integrity of the live server (by 4/12).
  • The Live server will have the same IP, be publicly listed, and have open registration (but will now require email verification following our registration system changes on 4/8).
  • There will be no further wipes or resets. 

Patches will continue to be applied to the live server Sundays 8pm EDT (Monday 00:00 UTC).  If nothing is ready at this time, this will be the weekly downtime.  The length of these downtimes will be a few minutes.

As server use increases, more frequent downtimes may be required.  We will update the community to provide notice of more frequent downtimes.

Dev Blog

How to Register

Hello and welcome to OpenPerpetuum!

To play Perpetuum on the OpenPerpetuum server, you will need to register with an email which we will ask you to verify with an email sent to the provided address.

You may register an account using one of two different interfaces:

  • The Perpetuum Game Client (v3.9+) as developed by Avatar Creations and distributed on Steam.
  • Any modern browser.


  • This system will not be live until April 8th, 2018 at 23:59 UTC.
  • You should only use one of these methods!
  • Registration using the game client will take ~2 minutes to send you an email from the time you register.


Registration using the Website

  1. Navigate to
  2. Fill out the form with your valid email address, and desired password for your account.
  3. You will immediately receive an email which will include a link to click in order to verify your email.
  4. Upon clicking the link and receiving a success message, you will be able to login to the game and play without restriction.

Registration using the Perpetuum Game Client

  1. Connect to the OpenPerpetuum Live Server.
  2. Click “Register”.
  3. Type in a valid email (to which a verification email will be sent), and desired password.
  4. Submit your registration.  (At this time you may login immediately with the same credentials you just registered with.)
  5. Check your email (and spam folder)!
  6. Click the link!
  7. Upon receiving a success message on the page the link takes you to, you may exit the tutorial and play!


  • If you fail to click on the verification link sent to your account’s email address, you will be restricted to the tutorial island until you verify your email.

Here are the same steps in pictures!

Registration with Game Client (Pictures)

This is what happens if you don't type in an email!

Dev Blog

Pre-Alpha Registration System Test

Agents of Nia,

The Live launch date will be… announced soon!
In the meantime we have an important event to announce that we need ALL of your participation in (if you are so inclined to help us test things).

We have been hard at work getting some last-minute polishes in and our registration system up and running.  Internal tests have proved to be successful. Now we need you, the Pre-Alpha Participants to help test this one last thing!

The registration system will be integrated with the live pre-alpha server at Sunday’s patch time.  We will post more details about how to participate and get registered. Most importantly, those that do participate will receive rewards for being a pre-alpha participant!  What do Pre-Alpha Participants get?! Among some other helpful items to kick start things for your fits and the economy, we are also including a Limited Edition Pink Arkhe! Only available to accounts that register during this event!

Note:  This will not go into effect until the patch to the live server.  Please wait for Sunday’s patch (2018/04/08 23:59 UTC)!

Please standby for instructions which will be posted at that time.

It is very important that if you want to receive a Pink Arkhe that you register and verify an email-based account on the Pre-Alpha server when the registration system is integrated on Sunday.  You will have the following week to register your account and report any issues you may be having.

Thank you for your continued patience and participation in the Open Test of our Pre-Alpha Server!
Live is approaching…