Month: October 2018

MK2 Returns

The MK2’s Return! Mk2 robots and their Calibration Templates are being reintroduced in the next patch with a little extra twist! As you maybe aware the Mk1 combats already have the +1 head and +1 legs slots from the original Vanilla game and will not be added to here. We find it important to not…
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EP Bonus Events!

EP Bonus Events! One thing we heard a lot about was the need for more eventful things to occur on the server.  Something to draw people together to enjoy a shared experience. Introducing EP Bonus Events! These are Dev-initiated events that can add a fixed amount to everyone’s EP Multiplier as shown above. If you…
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Semi-Anniversary! 6 Months of Perpetuum!

As of October 14th, 2018 we will have been live* for 6 months! *Not including Pre-alpha To mark this occasion we have prepared a few changes, and a small gift to show you our appreciation for continuing to support the project to help grow and improve Perpetuum! The Open Perpetuum Project formed over a year…
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