Month: October 2018

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MK2 Returns

The MK2’s Return!

Mk2 robots and their Calibration Templates are being reintroduced in the next patch with a little extra twist!

As you maybe aware the Mk1 combats already have the +1 head and +1 legs slots from the original Vanilla game and will not be added to here. We find it important to not exceed the original performance of Mk2’s to allow room for higher robot tech levels, role-based specializations, and siege platforms.
Thus the hi-tech bonus and base bot stats were augmented to increase the effectiveness of the Mk2 even without additional slots (Note: the industrials will receive the +1 slots).

All Mk2’s receive the following stat boosts, bolded where the increase is greater than vanilla:

  • +10% CPU/Reactor
  • +16.67% Mass
  • +2 Max Targets
  • +50% Cargo Size
  • +1 Hi-tech bonus*

*Bonuses for the Mk2’s were also carefully considered.  Many will remember the flat damage increase, even on Electronic-warfare bots.  We sought to remedy this and help use the Mk2 bonus to solidify their role or factional advantages:

  • Pelistal Combat: +1% Missile Optimal Range
  • Pelistal Ewar: +1% Neutralized and Drained Energy Amount
  • Nuimqol Combat: -1% Magnetic Weapon Cycle Time
  • Nuimqol Ewar: +1% EW Strength
  • Thelodica Combat: +1% Critical Hit Chance
  • Thelodica Ewar: +1% Sensor Suppressor Range and Time Modification
  • Industrial Miners: +1% Mined Amount
  • Industrial Harvesters: +1% Harvested Amount
  • Industrial Haulers: +1% Demobilizer Resistance


MK2 CT Capsules!

A common issue players have with CT’s is that they can’t be trading on the market, which for artifacters was a big pain to get their loot to interested buyers.  While making the CT itself market-able is still a deeply rooted problem with how items with special properties are handled, we have a solution that gets the best of both worlds!
Introducing all new CT Capsules!  These are a special item found only in artifact loot (so far) that can be “Activated” in your storage to produce a MK2 CT.
They are able to be traded, bought and sold via the Market, which will ease players’ ability to sell and buy CT’s that they are looking for.

The CT Capsule, when an order is placed, can be found under the Syndicate Items / Requisition Slips category, same as the Robot Paints.

The CT Capsules come in 3 tech levels [T1, T2, T3] where each tech level indicates the quality (point-values) of the CT it will yield.

See Below for a Walk-through with Pictures on how to use the new MK2 CT Capsules!




Step 1: Right-click Activate
Step 1: Right-click Activate
Step 2: Done
Step 2: Done
Dev Blog

EP Bonus Events!

EP Multiplier: Viewable in your Agent Profile -> Extensions -> EP Rewards Window!

EP Bonus Events!

One thing we heard a lot about was the need for more eventful things to occur on the server.  Something to draw people together to enjoy a shared experience.

Introducing EP Bonus Events!
These are Dev-initiated events that can add a fixed amount to everyone’s EP Multiplier as shown above.
If you have 25x during a +10 event, you get 35x!
If you have 1x during a +10 event, you get 11x!
This way the bonus allows both New and Old players alike to benefit equally!

Our first event starts at 10/26/2018 at 00:00UTC and will go until 10/29/2018 00:00UTC (96 hrs) for a +10 bonus!
We hope you find some time to enjoy the extra bonus.

And don’t worry there will be more to come… Stay Tuned!

Dev Blog

Semi-Anniversary! 6 Months of Perpetuum!

Paint Party!

As of October 14th, 2018 we will have been live* for 6 months!
*Not including Pre-alpha

To mark this occasion we have prepared a few changes, and a small gift to show you our appreciation for continuing to support the project to help grow and improve Perpetuum!

The Open Perpetuum Project formed over a year ago and back then we did not know what the future held.  The community is growing and so is the game.  We are doing our best to make the most of this opportunity, and can always use your help.  Remember the lifeblood of a sandbox MMO – like Perpetuum – is its players.  Your actions in the game matter, and can create a more welcoming, attractive MMO to join and play together!

We don’t get around to doing blogs as often as we would like, and give enough previews and anticipate future features and developments much before each patch.  And this is something we can use help with! (See the volunteer blog for Community Outreach) In the meantime, enjoy some unexplained snapshots of some work behind the scenes for things to come.

This appears to be important.


Mk2 Capsule? What’s that about?