Month: February 2021

The Future of Strongholds

Strongholds are discrete PVE-combat experiences, a single island, that provide unique content as an open world dungeon-like feature.  The idea has been shaping up for a long time, even back to our first year with the release of Omega, our first Stronghold.  Each will have a unique story, purpose, goal, and feature a unique Boss…
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Augmented Modules

The Stronghold system is providing focused PVE-combat experiences with unique incentives that make it more engaging and more rewarding and different than typical open world PVE.  A wider view of the Stronghold system and this strategy will be detailed in a later blog, but today we will focus on the unique reward system for Strongholds:…
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Stronghold: The Sentinel

Patch 20 Blog Index This and the following two blogs detail major new systems entering the game in the form of the Stronghold islands and special Boss loots which produce unique modules.  To help you navigate all of the relevant resources we have compiled all the links here: The Sentinel – NPC Base Stronghold (this…
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