Pre-Alpha is Live!

Pre-Alpha is Live!

Open Perpetuum Project Live Pre-Alpha Server

How do I register?
Under Open Registration, you can freely create an account with any username and password.
In the future, we will have Registration integrated with our website, which in turn will allow us to support more web-facing content and features (think API’s).

How do I login?
With the same credentials you registered with.

What clients work with this (or other) standalone servers?
Any Perpetuum client of version 3.9 or greater.  Steam is the only distributor of the official client at this time.

What is “Pre-alpha”?
Pre-Alpha is a our Open-Testing phase.  This was the result of an accelerated timeline to meet the Official’s shutdown on January 25th, 2018.  This phase will end with a reset because of the volatile nature of what is being introduced or changed, and ensure all players start with the same advantage when we enter our Alpha phase.  Essentially we are jumping ahead of a typical software development cycle to get a persistent server to the Perpetuum Community faster!

When will the game start “for real” (no wipes)?
As soon as possible!  Our tentative deadline is March, 2018 to do our complete reset and launch in a completely persistent state, no wipes.

Please join, come play and/or test.
Get a sneak peek of all the changes, get ready for launch!

See you on the killing fields Agent o7
-The OP Team