The Little Cronus that Could & EP Boost Item!

The Little Cronus that Could & EP Boost Item!

Hello sparks!

This next patch is an exciting one!
A number of these topics were sourced and vetted with the community directly through discussions on the discord and reddit, suggestions on the discord, and a lot of hardwork to make it all happen.
A quick outline of features to expect in Patch 9:
The Cronus gets a gun!
Interference Emitters can be shot at player targets!
EP Boost Item coming to a Syndicate Shop near you!

Cronus’ got a gun


First one is the Cronus gun slot! You can still fit 4 harvesters or miners if you like, but you can fit a gun if you so choose. The gun size can be medium or small, and of any faction you want since there are no bonuses since it’s an indy bot to begin with.  This will bring it in line with the rest of the indy bots that all have the ability to fit at least one “defensive” countermeasure.

Finally those pesky drones and copper diggers (and more!) can be made afraid of your harvesting & mining prowess!

You can collect resources AND shoot!

We hope this solves the trouble people have been experiencing with the copper diggers taking a liking to them. They’re just lonely and want a parental figure, after all.

EP Boost Item

Another amazing item coming soon is the EP Boost Item Consumable! This can be bought in the syndicate shop for Nic & all 3 factions’ tokens.
These items turn add to your EP multiplier (just like bonus events!) by +2, +3, and +5 depending on if you buy a T1, T2, or T3, respectively.
This will operate like any consumable/activatable item, like paint.

How to use:

  • Purchase or Acquire the EP boost item
  • Right-click the item in your storage and select Activate.
  • The EP Boost will be active for the Operational Time listed in the Item’s info (24 hours for the ones featured here).
  • You will not be able to activate another during this time; doing so will produce an “This Item cannot be used.” message.
  • They will stack with EP Bonus Events

By example:  If you have a multiplier currently at 1x, a T3 boost will put you at 6x (+5), if during that time there is an EP Bonus Event for, let’s say +10 (this weekend! Right now!), your multiplier will be 16x (1+5+10).

Interference Emitters

This obscure item has received a small Quality of life (or death) tweak we hope will lead to more use of it in the field.  Previously, these could only “shoot” at tile targets.  They will still be able to, but now they may be shot at a Player or NPC target.  This will deposit the field device onto the tile that the player is standing on at the time – as it is a field device not an ECM or Sensor Suppressor.  Like any field device, they can be shot, but they will apply a area-of-effect suppressor like effect as the result of any interference would.