Patch 31 Dev Blog and Patreon testing Session.

Patch 31 Dev Blog and Patreon testing Session.

We currently have our next patch, which is being rigorously tested by a few members of our community staff, slated for Marchish.

In this next patch we will be introducing some never-before-seen features in perpetuum:

  • Land Mines (deployable in similar fashion as probes)
  • Land Mine detector (New module to allow for the detection of Land Mines)
  • New Command Ship (Requires new extensions)
  • New Puppeteer Module for launch drones and Sentries
  • Drones
  • Sentry turrets
  • New Islands with new content (Tellesis and Shin are slated to make their return)
  • New Island Layout
  • T4+ Balancing
  • Bug Fixes

Our programming team has been working rigorously on these new features for quite some time.  With that being said we would like some information outside the team, and a little more stress testing on these features in a controlled environment. However, since this a volunteer project our Development Server will not handle a ton of people on it at one time.


I have suggested we offer access to the development server to our Patreons first.  If little participation is gained with no real feedback, we will open it up to the general public in small doses.  We have about 15 slots dedicated to this, so we want to use our opportunity to get some creditable feedback.  I will be releasing the information to our Patreons in the coming days.

Full disclaimer here, the content on the test server will change and what is on the test server MAY OR MAY NOT make it to live server. It may get pushed to a future patch or curbed.