Patch 30 Respec Token and Spark Teleport Returns

Patch 30 Respec Token and Spark Teleport Returns

Patch 30!

We finally have green light for Patch 30 from our testing team.

Here is a quick highlight of what it brings:

  • Respec Token
    • No more asking for EP resets from Ville (Yay!)
    • Purchasable token from the syndicate shop that lets you reset your EP without deleting your character.
  • Spark Teleport Devices
    • You will be able to purchase these devices from Hershfield and New Virginia that will allow you to instantly travel (Spark only) from anywhere Docked in Nia to Hershfield OR New Virginia(Depending on which token was purchased).
  • T4+ item buffs
    • It was discovered in testing a few patches ago, that the T4+ variants where designed with T4 stats + a random attribute; however, after some rigorous testing it was discovered that some of the T4+ items functioned in less capacity as their T4P counterparts.  So in order to make T4+ more desirable, in the coming patches we will be looking to take the base stats of T4+ and utilize the T4P base stats in order to have T4+ performing better than T4P.
    • The first item for this is the armor repairer (Mediums and Smalls)
  • Artifacts actually got fixed on gamma.
    • Light CTs were added to the loot tables
  • T1 Plant Rules updated
    • We suspect the rules in the current database were borked causing harvestable plants not to grow.
    • This has been fixed but please remember growth cycles of plants on the server take time.

As always if you have any questions please ask in Discord!