Patch 29 Updates

Patch 29 Updates

Hello fellow Nians!

As we start spinning up our latest patch on the test server and staging server, I wanted to give a quick overview of coming items in patch 29 and some OPP team updates.

Patch 29 Highlights!

  • Scarab Mk1 and Mk2 Buffs
    • Increase the base speed from 30kph to 42kph
    • Additional Head and Leg slot for the MK2 variant
    • Additional 150 base reactor to the MK1 and Mk2 variants
    • Additional 1000 AP base to the Mk1 and Mk2 variants
  • Metis Buff
    • Additional Leg Slot
    • Increase the base speed from 61.2kph to 70.2kph
  • PBS Hitbox Issues
    • We have developed a fix to allow certain structures effected with a blocking issue on gamma to be hit again.
  • Starter Artifact Change
    • We have moved the starting artifact away from the building to be more in line where the R-50 charge positions the player.
  • Chat Logging Ability
    • Allows the OPP team to observe logs for chats.
  • CT Buff for Gamma on Scientific Wreckages
    • Adds a 5% and 8% drop rate to Assaults and Light CTs to Gammas.
  • Weather fix.
    • SUDDENLY FOG should be more subtle in nature now.

These changes have been uploaded and are currently in “testing” on our staging server.  We currently do not have a patch date scheduled but anticipate soon.

OPP Team News!

With the release of gamma and the current interest in the game peaking we have had a spike of volunteers to the team.  I would like to give a special shout out to some of our new members:

AqpAnaciy – Joined our programming team and has been actively working on github issues.

Line – Joined our programming team and has been actively working on bugs, new features, version control and assisted in building guides for local setups.  Some of the new features are very exciting!

Igneous – Joined our programming team and has been working on github features|version control, testing on the staging server and building videos for the project to keep expose happening!

Urglefloggah – Joined our programming team a while back but has taken an active role in setting up and managing our test environment, assisting with version control and assisted in building a how-to setup on the server for local development for new programmers joining our project.

Dev Laika – Still making great strides in the balancing department and feature development.  Exciting changes coming soon!

Thank you to all the new Team members and the continued support of all our current staff that make this thing possible!

We have overhauled our Onboarding process to make it more centralized for the teams the volunteers want to work on, and we have been actively working behind the scenes to provide exposure to the game name on Steam.  We have uploaded ALL the OPP videos onto the steam forums and continue to make strides in providing exposure for the game.  As always, we appreciate all our patrons and the support of our community.  We continue to work on features YOU, the player base, want to create a better game play experience for Open Perpetuum Server.