Gamma Phase 3 – Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.

Gamma Phase 3 – Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.

GAMMA: Phase 3: May 7th, 2023 – Downtime estimated at 1500 UTC





We know it’s been a while, but the world has had some big events and changes none of us could predict. Likewise, so has The Open Perpetuum Project. 

We now present the next phase in our Gamma Reborn rollout – phase 3. Phase 3 pulls together the total renewal and rebalance around The Gamma Island expansion. A lot of thought has been devoted to Gamma and its total rebalancing.

The whole Gamma world layout has been redesigned from the ground up. There are now a total of 40 new islands, 300 plus new NPC’s, new specific Gamma Island rules, boss’s, loot and challenges to experience. 



The phase I and 2 blogs overview in more detail the significant changes, upgrades and additions to the game that they brought. The TLDR is below.

  • T4+ weapons and industrial modules are now obtainable exclusively through the new gamma islands!  They are direct upgrades, boosting the primary performance stats on the module – like damage.
  • New NPC design. Over 300 new NPC’S, all with new names, fittings, and most importantly: loot. You can expect all the loot from your typical NPC to multiply by at least tenfold. This will allow you to monumentally increase your assets and wallet.  Expect each faction to lean into their strength as well.
  • A new building never seen before in Perpetuum: The Syn-Tec Staging Terminal. Easy to deploy and cheap to acquire the staging bases are a low commitment path to start your adventures onto gamma! The Syntec Staging Terminal is the only structure that can be built on the red building exclusion zone and lasts 7 days.
  • All new minibosses, offering a great reward and challenge to a small group of players (6-8 bots)
  • Four new Pitbosses, with one for each faction! Expect heavy resistance and plentiful rewards. They are designed to be run by organized and experienced groups.
  • Significantly reduced grind for T4+ modules from old strongholds and new Gamma bosses.
  • T0 resource islands will offer the best rewards, for both industrial operations and PVE.

The Gamma islands will have four tiers (T0, T1, T2, T3) including “Connector” islands to the original Perpetuum Beta islands. The Tier level of each island will determine what resources are found there, how plentiful they are, types of NPC threats and rewards, and what level of base can be built, if any.

The higher the tech the less local resources and the deeper into the Gamma world the islands will be.

Connector Islands

The Gamma islands are accessed only through these “Connector” islands. Each small Connector Island connects to their own beta island. They are non-terraformable and discourage PVP.

Tier 0 Islands


Tier 0 Islands provide uniquely lucrative PVE and material resource content within the gamma world that can not be “captured” like the other islands can. Tier 0 islands cannot be terraformed or built on.  They are also the most resource rich islands on Gamma featuring the only sources of Epriton and Flux Ore among the Gamma islands. Hostile Nians on this tier are the most lucrative to hunt, featuring faction specific bosses. In the middle of the Island is the Pitboss Commander’s Sanctuary. You better come prepared, because from great risk comes great reward.

Tier 1, 2 and 3 Islands

Phase 3 also makes available appropriate research and items for players to begin their colonization efforts fighting Nians and each other for precious and strategically advantageous territory!

Phase 3 Gamma now unlocks the ability to terraform and build bases. 

Tier 1 Islands

T1 (and up) Gamma islands are terraformable. T1 islands only allow T1 structures to be built on them. T1 bases are much cheaper to build and maintain, but they are also weaker and there are limits to the size you can build. But don’t let the limitations of T1 bases deter you, because as a tradeoff, T1 island’s are the most Colixum rich islands in the gamma world. Colixum is also required for T2 and T3 structures exclusively and to build Scarab Mk2 haulers. 

The purpose of a T1 is to be the entry point for corps to begin building their gamma empire. T1’s also has the most favorable placement next to connectors and T0 islands.  

Tier 2 Islands

T2 islands allow the building of Tier 1 and Tier 2 bases. T2 bases offer more bandwidth and upgraded facilities to a T1, but not as much as a T3. Tier 2 islands feature more local resources than a T3 but less than T1. 

Tier 3 Islands

T3 islands feature the ultimate Gamma base technology.  You will have the highest tech facilities, the best industrial manufacturing, the most bandwidth to support all these facilities, and the best defences.  There are fewer Tier 3 islands and they are the deepest into the gamma world.  Only the most ambitious Corporations will manage such a feat.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of Gamma, and we recognize the considerable effort and expense that corporations go through to build their bases.  On the other hand, locking off Gamma islands and creating impregnable bases are equally problematic. To help this balance we introduced the Tier Island and base system mentioned above. 

So, you would like to live on Gamma. All terraformable Islands have a red non terraformable and non-buildable zone around. The red zone prevents defensive structures from being able to target players that may want to visit islands. 

Terraformable Islands have a maximum of 2 bases per island that can be built inside the green zone of an island. Get in first to secure your home and choose wisely where you build your base for maximum defense and efficiency. Harness the ability to terraform a suitable area for your base. Design a plan that best makes use of energy, manufacturing and defense. Energy is the key. All bases will require energy to function. The higher the Base tier, the more energy, the more variety and better the structure. Structures also use energy, so don’t forget to fuel your base as well. 

We recognize that not everyone wants to invest in the infrastructure of a full base. For that reason, we have also introduced a separate deployable Terminal – The Syn-Tec Staging terminal. Those Bases require the purchase from the NPC market and construction blocks to build. They can be built in suitable locations (including in the red zone) of all Tier 1,2 and 3 islands. Staging bases are temporary structures and only last 7 days. They cannot be deconstructed, moved or added to and will blow up after the 7-day timer expires. Once built, you will receive an in-game email that tells you the timer has started and the expiration date. The expiration time will also be displayed inside the terminal chat message of the day. These Bases facilitate exploration, temporary resource gathering and of course base sieges. 

We also introduced the Destroyer class robots to help balance out siege mechanics. We believe that this was a much needed and absent Siege platform from the original Perpetuum. We also introduced the Sentinel Island as both high-end content and also a test of siege mechanics. That said, a well-designed and defended base is still a formidable obstacle and Destroyers are a costly investment, so proceed at your own risk.

All Gamma islands should be considered hostile and safety is not guaranteed. However, there are treasures and adventure for all those willing to risk. So…

Stake your claim

Build your fame

Defend your Name

Your Kingdom awaits

And finally, we would introduce some long-awaited Icon upgrades, for Cryoperine, and all Colixum based commodities. Now every Icon should have a proper look for Perpetuum.