2 year Anniversary!

2 year Anniversary!

Open Perpetuum has been live for 2 years!!!

2 Year Anniversary Video

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your support.  We are elated that the project and game has continued to grow even with a completely grassroots volunteer project running the whole operation.  Everyone who has played in the last two years has contributed to a vibrant and growing MMO experience that we can continue to share with players to come.

Time to Party!

To celebrate and show you our appreciation, we have a few things happening this week for the 2nd anniversary festivities!

  1. There is a +10x EP Bonus Event live now through a patch on Sunday, 4/19.
  2. The Patch on Sunday includes Gifts for all active accounts by patch-time!  Be sure to tell your friends to sign up now at https://register.openperpetuum.com
  3. Patch 16 comes with a number of features that you, the players, have requested.  And we are excited to be delivering these features for you!

The Anniversary Update

The community has made a number of requests and as we have some larger projects on-going behind the scenes, we used this as an opportunity to catch up on a backlog of requests!

“Mining solid ores should get more EP than liquids”

We agree!  Mining solid ores and harvesting plants will get you 2x the rate of EP compared to mining liquids!  Time to capitalize on that Titan Ore demand…

“Chassis Scanning should PVP flag the user”

Yup!  Using a chassis scanner on alpha will ask you to flag before you can scan another player, and will automatically flag you (like any aggressive action) on beta.  However chassis scanning an NPC will not PVP flag you.

“Artifacts should get refreshed after some time”

We are elated to see such wide participation in artifacting.  Many do it as their only PVE activity and sell the goods on the market, driving key parts of the economy!  These artifacters have so thoroughly artifacted islands that their artifacts are starting to cluster in difficult/dangerous areas.  The same would be true soon enough on Gamma when artifacts may begin spawning behind turret lines! Naturally we saw this was something to resolve on our path to Gamma.

From what we could tell, this used to happen on the official server but then later was disabled.  It appeared to not have been updated after the new assignment system. So we have updated the refreshing process so that artifacts will be regenerated after they are 3 days old and would not break the assignment-artifacts.

“The Stronghold random Teleport Anomaly is bad/annoying/hard to use”

We agree!  It was our first pass at a feature without the resource server to give a unique way to access this new type of island.  We thought it might be fun, but as it turns out it frustrates players on both sides of the feature. Players jumping through anomalies to travel randomly get tossed over to Omega against their wishes.  Players looking for the entrance anomaly can spend hours trying to find one, as there is no way to tell other than jumping through to see if it is the entrance.

To address this, we have introduced one of what we hope to be many Stronghold Teleport Field Device.

This new mobile teleporter is specially designed to teleport you and your squadmates to a particular Stronghold island.  It can be purchased on the Syndicate Shop for NIC and tokens.

Please remember that Omega, while our first Stronghold, is still difficult, dangerous, and best done in a group!  Ring up your corp-mates or better yet, do a pick-up squad. Use our #op-player-events channel on the Discord to call upon others to help form a Stronghold Squad and clear that dungeon!

Remember: the way to get home is using the Teleport Anomaly found near the landing point on the Stronghold.  Simply approach and Interact to jump home.

“More Pitbosses! More Pitbosses! More Pitbosses!”

You got it!  Patch 16 introduces the first of our Beta Pitbosses.  This is also a new system that will create more dynamic interaction across the Beta islands.  The new Pitboss will appear randomly on one of the Beta 1 islands (Norhoop, Hokkogaros, Domhalarn).  It will be alive for approximately 2 days, despawn, and then respawn in approximately 3 days on a new island!
Remember the spawn times of bosses have random noise introduced, so these times are not exact.  The 3 day time is based on when it despawns or dies, so if it is killed it will come back faster than it would if left to its own devices.

What does the island-hopping achieve?

As a way to challenge players with new content, these Beta Pitbosses will only appear on one island at a time.  So while it might be in your territory one day, it may not be next time. The presence of this rare spawn will draw players across the world in search of the riches dropped by this new NPC.  We look forward to the emergent content this challenge will create!


Ok this wasn’t a request, but it is our live anniversary and we like having traditions to celebrate and reward the players.
All active accounts will receive an AnniversArkhe!  A special bot only available via this event. On top of that accounts will get 2 AIDs (Alien Improbability Devices) or Gifts, and an EP boost item!

We hope that you find these developments exciting, because we have a LOT more coming soon.


And now what all you nerds have been waiting for….

Server Stats!

These statistics are cumulative since our launch in April 14th, 2018.  You can see how these stack up to our first year numbers in our first-year anniversary blog!

  • 4,390 accounts created
  • 1,940 PVP fatalities with over 6,630 participants total
  • 5,445,000 EP-activity events generating 215,461,000 EP
  • 16,925 bots built, 426,950 modules, 161,195,000 units of ammo
  • 2,290 Agents killed in retaliation by the Nians
  • 208,980 assignments complete with 118,711,815,000 NIC generated
  • 75,872,502,000 units of ore mined