Roadmap 2020

Roadmap 2020

As you can see the past 6 month development period has resulted in the largest introduction of content we have done to date. This blog overviews how this new content fits into the overall pathway for our future development.

Welcome to the roadmap to Gamma.


This roadmap is designed to layout the strategic sequence of steps and content that the team considered important in the future of the project with the ultimate introduction of Gamma.  Each new content and steps towards Gamma has been sequenced to allow necessary opportunities for feedback and adjustment.


Destroyers are the first new robots to hit Perpetuum since 2011.  Their purpose is a territorial warfare platform, uniquely equipped with best in class range, dps, and tank.  Destroyers are a clear step up from Heavy Mechs and so it is logical that they would exceed Heavies and potentially form the basis for Gamma siege capabilities.  However, their power comes with tradeoffs that make them vulnerable to some counters.  They will require support from other bots to be most successfully employed.  We hope their design will make assaulting Gamma within reach for players and not simply a question of massive numbers, niche fits and off-timezones.  Likewise, defending a Gamma base will also benefit from their use as well. Their introduction now will also provide an opportunity to experience and enjoy this content now and to also understand their role in existing and upcoming content.

NPC Stronghold Base

This new high-end PVE content will feature an NPC “Gamma” Base, fully destructible by player squadrons.  We hope that this will be the testing ground for the efficacy and balance of Destroyers in Gamma warfare, all before Gamma is released!

This is also building on our Stronghold system that we have been long-awaiting the chance to add to.  Strongholds are essentially open-world dungeons with either PVP or non-PVP configurations and exclusive PVE content in the form of NPCs to battle your way through to high end loot and treasures.  Who knows what treasures and tech lies within.

Over time more islands will be added to this system to provide more variety and options for players and corporations of all levels and sizes.  Accessing this content will come in the form of special Stronghold Teleport items.  However, not all items may be sold in the Syndicate Shop. Some may have to be found through other means. More details will be released in future blogs so stayed tuned.

New islands like this are only possible with custom resource servers.  New strongholds and new items like Destroyers, were only made possible with the more recent changes to the client to allow connection to custom resource servers.  So many possibilities have been opened up because of this and simply were not feasible even just 1 year ago.


Layering up the building blocks for dynamic and balanced Gamma has always been at the heart of the team’s strategy around Gamma. We have been open and appreciative of the community feedback concerning this and we have brought this forward into our Gamma’s design and implementation. Destroyers are foundational to this.  After you have built more confidence around Destroyers and established their sieging capability, we will further incorporate community feedback and adjust where needed.  Then we can ‘lock’ those in and balance Gamma defensive capabilities to this.

Gamma base building adds further complexity to the overall game and those of you who have played on Gamma in the past will appreciate this and the difficulty that comes with balancing Gamma. We aim to learn from the Gamma issues of the past and this is why things take time. We know you as a player can appreciate that and in time benefit from this approach as well.

Our intent is to release Gamma as the end-game base-building sandbox component we all wanted.  Destroyers and Strongholds help provide vital steps that layer up the components to achieving a better outcome for Gamma.

Looking forward

This project was founded, by and for, the Perpetuum community, as an active collaboration with the players.  We place great value in suggestions from the community.  Whether it’s a balance discussion, a new feature idea, or (most importantly) a bug report, we do our best to address all of these.  Each progression in the roadmap will provide plenty of opportunity for feedback. You can help by offering your feedback on our discord, or by joining the team!

Lots of changes are coming to Perpetuum, for the better. What has been achieved is a major undertaking and what will be achieved is equally as immense.  New robots, a new class, new modules, new islands, new content, and our critical path to Gamma has been charted.  We hope you join us on this journey and look forward to the challenges and battles ahead!