Wiki Launch

Wiki Launch

Hello Perpetuum archivists, experts, historians, and bibliognosts.
By overwhelmingly popular demand, we have officially launched our Wiki!

The Wiki

You can use the following URLs to access the wiki:
Or with redirect:

This will be our officially supported wiki.  All Open Perpetuum developments, changes, etc. will be documented here by anyone who wants to help!  We hope this becomes an increasingly popular choice for players to consult to get the best, latest, and insightful advice from players in all aspects, activities, and professions available in Perpetuum!

The wiki, player generated guides and advice is vital for helping new players learn and advance in the game.  The game is deep and complex.  Many struggle navigating the game on their own, and often look to a wiki for guidance – or players in game to assist.  The wiki is one of many tools contributing to our on going New Player Experience efforts.  Stay tuned for more developments to assist there as well.

Our wiki team has derived a system of contribution and participation to allow for anyone to submit work!  You can choose how much you want to contribute or responsibility you want to take on.  It is all outlined in the rules and How To Contribute wiki page.  There you can see you can contribute your changes anytime and let editors vet the changes.  Or you can become more involved, join the wiki Community Team and help approve and shape the wiki from the ground up!

OPP Community Teams

With the roll-out of the effort on the wiki, growing demand for graphics, and more language support in our localization efforts, we have created a few special roles that players can volunteer to join and contribute in these areas!  The advantage of these roles is that they do not require the same level of commitment and rigor as our project team positions entail.  This means anyone can join with as little as a ping in discord!

What are the Teams and Roles?


This team handles translating the latest English updates to any of the client-supported languages.  Contributing is as easy as downloading an English document, and translating the terms within it and handing it back in.  Its that easy!  This team is vital to ensuring Perpetuum’s diverse audience is well served and can navigate all of the new content coming to the server.


This team is looking for any graphic artists that work with raster, vector, or texture graphics.  The resource server has allowed us to update and add icons, as well as other assets.  The more volunteers here mean more missing icons get updated, and potentially updates to textures too!


Finally the Wiki team is our dedicated wiki editor team.  Members here are trusted contributors to the wiki and have an eye for well written, helpful, game knowledge and a responsibility and stewardship of maintaining a vital and shared resource of the Perpetuum community.  You might find submitting some changes on your own might help your case for joining.

More to come?

Over time as we can create roles for players to participate more easily with the development of Open Perpetuum and all related services, we will do so.  Setting up an easy plug-n-play system for players to join is a bit of work, and sometimes difficult to disentangle from our highly collaborative team environment.  The more we can get broader participation from the community without swamping volunteers with unrelated requirements the better for everyone.

That is to say: volunteering for these roles could not be easier!  Ping @OP-Team on discord and let us know where you want to contribute and you will be on the community team of your choice.  If you would like to join the project team as a full member, we have our Volunteering page where you can read up on the other roles and find our Volunteer Submission Form.