The Little Cronus that Could & EP Boost Item!

Hello sparks! This next patch is an exciting one! A number of these topics were sourced and vetted with the community directly through discussions on the discord and reddit, suggestions on the discord, and a lot of hardwork to make it all happen. A quick outline of features to expect in Patch 9: The Cronus…
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MK2 Returns

The MK2’s Return! Mk2 robots and their Calibration Templates are being reintroduced in the next patch with a little extra twist! As you maybe aware the Mk1 combats already have the +1 head and +1 legs slots from the original Vanilla game and will not be added to here. We find it important to not…
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EP Bonus Events!

EP Bonus Events! One thing we heard a lot about was the need for more eventful things to occur on the server.  Something to draw people together to enjoy a shared experience. Introducing EP Bonus Events! These are Dev-initiated events that can add a fixed amount to everyone’s EP Multiplier as shown above. If you…
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Semi-Anniversary! 6 Months of Perpetuum!

As of October 14th, 2018 we will have been live* for 6 months! *Not including Pre-alpha To mark this occasion we have prepared a few changes, and a small gift to show you our appreciation for continuing to support the project to help grow and improve Perpetuum! The Open Perpetuum Project formed over a year…
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Assignments: Squads and Beta-2

Greetings Nians! We have wonderful news for our next Patch. The Squad Assignments reward structure is getting a full re-balance to ensure that participants see increasing reward as the squad increases in participation. Previously we introduced a 5% bonus to total NIC earned for each additional participant (maxed at 10).  But you, the community, pointed…
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Syndicate Shops and Tokens: Details for Live Patch 3

Greetings Nians! Live patch 3 brings many changes, most notably the Robot Painting System. Because this is a big addition to the Syndicate Shop’s selection of goods, we also took this opportunity to reconsider and re-balance some existing item pricing and provide new, improved, ways for players to access more and different content. Token Sources…
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Paint: An Introduction and Guide

Nians! You have asked for Robot Paint since the time before time began, on a server long-ago. It is with great pleasure that we announce: Robot Paint is coming to the server! This is a very new feature and to work with the capabilities of the client as it is currently implemented, some may find…
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Month 2: Perpetual Progress

Nians, Our next phase of development is already underway and would like to share details of the upcoming patch this weekend, and sneak peek the one coming after. This Sunday at the regular patch time there are a great number of changes, bug fixes, features, and new content based on our roadmap and your feedback!…
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Month One: Perpetuum Begins!

Agents of Nia! It has been a fantastic, explosive, and productive one month since our official launch of the OpenPerpetuum server!  A quick summary of all that has been accomplished by the team and all of you wonderful players since April 14th. We have seen 120+ concurrent players on, and averaged above 50 throughout the…
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How to Connect

How to Connect Purchase and download the Perpetuum Online Steam Client Open Client Click on Server List Find the Open Perpetuum Project Live Server | Click ADD to add to your favorites for easy future logins Proceed to Register.  See how here in this post Login with your registered credentials and Play!