Month One: Perpetuum Begins!

Agents of Nia! It has been a fantastic, explosive, and productive one month since our official launch of the OpenPerpetuum server!  A quick summary of all that has been accomplished by the team and all of you wonderful players since April 14th. We have seen 120+ concurrent players on, and averaged above 50 throughout the…
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How to Connect

How to Connect Purchase and download the Perpetuum Online Steam Client Open Client Click on Server List Find the Open Perpetuum Project Live Server | Click ADD to add to your favorites for easy future logins Proceed to Register.  See how here in this post Login with your registered credentials and Play!

Launch Day!

We are going live Saturday April 14th, 2018, 20:00 UTC! What you need to know: All character data will be wiped from the pre-alpha server. The (pre-alpha) Live server will likely go down in advance of this time in order to prepare and verify the integrity of the live server (by 4/12). The Live server…
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How to Register

Hello and welcome to OpenPerpetuum! To play Perpetuum on the OpenPerpetuum server, you will need to register with an email which we will ask you to verify with an email sent to the provided address. You may register an account using one of two different interfaces: The Perpetuum Game Client (v3.9+) as developed by Avatar…
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Pre-Alpha Registration System Test

Agents of Nia, The Live launch date will be… announced soon! In the meantime we have an important event to announce that we need ALL of your participation in (if you are so inclined to help us test things). We have been hard at work getting some last-minute polishes in and our registration system up…
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The Road Ahead

  The Plan The original timeline was VASTLY accelerated to go live due to the announcement of the official going down and demands from the community.  To support these demands we have adopted an incremental development strategy, where we focus on core issues, and then build out from there.  The idea is to dock broken…
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OpenPerpetuum: Who we are and What we stand for

Before we dive into our Roadmap blog, it is perhaps worth establishing our directives in how we proceed into the future of the project and reintroducing ourselves to the community at large. The project was established in September of last year shortly following the closure and announcement of the standalone server from AC.  We first…
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Pre-Alpha is Live!

Open Perpetuum Project Live Pre-Alpha Server IP: How do I register? Under Open Registration, you can freely create an account with any username and password. In the future, we will have Registration integrated with our website, which in turn will allow us to support more web-facing content and features (think API’s). How do I…
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Test-Event Announcement!

We need YOU to play on our server! Avatar Creations has now formally announced the shutdown of their official server and associated services.  The server code has been released, and we have long since forked and begun the long journey of fixes and features that we have waited months for.  We are humbled and honored…
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OpenPerpetuum Server: Open Pre-Alpha!

Fellow Nians, We are going Live! Following the surprise announcement of the official server closing we have taken this as a call to action.  We had a much longer term plan for design, implementation and testing a fully featured, stable release, for our server.  Given this accelerated deadline, and loss of a guaranteed source for your…
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