EP Curve and Boost Item changes

Hello all! We released the EP Boost Items a couple patches ago as a means to address issues players found with reasonably progressing with EP to get higher level skills.  To some extent this is intentional, getting all the skills very quickly makes EP or spending time in the game less valuable.  EP activity rewards…
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Summertime on Nia: Patch 11 and EP Bonus Event

Greetings Agents! We have an exciting announcement for our next patch, our next EP bonus event, and an ongoing list of things we are working on for you to read and enjoy! Schedule of Events To celebrate our 11th patch we are having an EP Bonus Event for +10x. Starting on July 3rd going through…
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Roadmap Revisited: Year 2

Over the past year of live server updates, we have achieved a great many things we set out to do, plus some surprise new features we knocked out along the way.  Using the anniversary as an opportunity, we sat down and thought hard about what big items we need to do, and what you the…
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Hello Agents! We decided to breakdown the Patch 10 announcement into a series of blogs to allow more time for interested readers to get a deep-dive into each feature.  And to allow us time to write them, after doing the actual work and getting things tested properly before release – you know small stuff. This…
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1 Year Anniversary

Open Perpetuum is celebrating one year of our live server with a special gift and event! Learn more at