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The Little Cronus that Could & EP Boost Item!

Hello sparks!

This next patch is an exciting one!
A number of these topics were sourced and vetted with the community directly through discussions on the discord and reddit, suggestions on the discord, and a lot of hardwork to make it all happen.
A quick outline of features to expect in Patch 9:
The Cronus gets a gun!
Interference Emitters can be shot at player targets!
EP Boost Item coming to a Syndicate Shop near you!

Cronus’ got a gun


First one is the Cronus gun slot! You can still fit 4 harvesters or miners if you like, but you can fit a gun if you so choose. The gun size can be medium or small, and of any faction you want since there are no bonuses since it’s an indy bot to begin with.  This will bring it in line with the rest of the indy bots that all have the ability to fit at least one “defensive” countermeasure.

Finally those pesky drones and copper diggers (and more!) can be made afraid of your harvesting & mining prowess!
You can collect resources AND shoot!





We hope this solves the trouble people have been experiencing with the copper diggers taking a liking to them. They’re just lonely and want a parental figure, after all.

EP Boost Item

Another amazing item coming soon is the EP Boost Item Consumable! This can be bought in the syndicate shop for Nic & all 3 factions’ tokens.
These items turn add to your EP multiplier (just like bonus events!) by +2, +3, and +5 depending on if you buy a T1, T2, or T3, respectively.
This will operate like any consumable/activatable item, like paint.

How to use:

  • Purchase or Acquire the EP boost item
  • Right-click the item in your storage and select Activate.
  • The EP Boost will be active for the Operational Time listed in the Item’s info (24 hours for the ones featured here).
  • You will not be able to activate another during this time; doing so will produce an “This Item cannot be used.” message.
  • They will stack with EP Bonus Events

By example:  If you have a multiplier currently at 1x, a T3 boost will put you at 6x (+5), if during that time there is an EP Bonus Event for, let’s say +10 (this weekend! Right now!), your multiplier will be 16x (1+5+10).

Interference Emitters

This obscure item has received a small Quality of life (or death) tweak we hope will lead to more use of it in the field.  Previously, these could only “shoot” at tile targets.  They will still be able to, but now they may be shot at a Player or NPC target.  This will deposit the field device onto the tile that the player is standing on at the time – as it is a field device not an ECM or Sensor Suppressor.  Like any field device, they can be shot, but they will apply a area-of-effect suppressor like effect as the result of any interference would.


MK2 Returns

The MK2’s Return!

Mk2 robots and their Calibration Templates are being reintroduced in the next patch with a little extra twist!

As you maybe aware the Mk1 combats already have the +1 head and +1 legs slots from the original Vanilla game and will not be added to here. We find it important to not exceed the original performance of Mk2’s to allow room for higher robot tech levels, role-based specializations, and siege platforms.
Thus the hi-tech bonus and base bot stats were augmented to increase the effectiveness of the Mk2 even without additional slots (Note: the industrials will receive the +1 slots).

All Mk2’s receive the following stat boosts, bolded where the increase is greater than vanilla:

  • +10% CPU/Reactor
  • +16.67% Mass
  • +2 Max Targets
  • +50% Cargo Size
  • +1 Hi-tech bonus*

*Bonuses for the Mk2’s were also carefully considered.  Many will remember the flat damage increase, even on Electronic-warfare bots.  We sought to remedy this and help use the Mk2 bonus to solidify their role or factional advantages:

  • Pelistal Combat: +1% Missile Optimal Range
  • Pelistal Ewar: +1% Neutralized and Drained Energy Amount
  • Nuimqol Combat: -1% Magnetic Weapon Cycle Time
  • Nuimqol Ewar: +1% EW Strength
  • Thelodica Combat: +1% Critical Hit Chance
  • Thelodica Ewar: +1% Sensor Suppressor Range and Time Modification
  • Industrial Miners: +1% Mined Amount
  • Industrial Harvesters: +1% Harvested Amount
  • Industrial Haulers: +1% Demobilizer Resistance


MK2 CT Capsules!

A common issue players have with CT’s is that they can’t be trading on the market, which for artifacters was a big pain to get their loot to interested buyers.  While making the CT itself market-able is still a deeply rooted problem with how items with special properties are handled, we have a solution that gets the best of both worlds!
Introducing all new CT Capsules!  These are a special item found only in artifact loot (so far) that can be “Activated” in your storage to produce a MK2 CT.
They are able to be traded, bought and sold via the Market, which will ease players’ ability to sell and buy CT’s that they are looking for.

The CT Capsule, when an order is placed, can be found under the Syndicate Items / Requisition Slips category, same as the Robot Paints.

The CT Capsules come in 3 tech levels [T1, T2, T3] where each tech level indicates the quality (point-values) of the CT it will yield.

See Below for a Walk-through with Pictures on how to use the new MK2 CT Capsules!




Step 1: Right-click Activate
Step 1: Right-click Activate
Step 2: Done
Step 2: Done

EP Bonus Events!

EP Multiplier: Viewable in your Agent Profile -> Extensions -> EP Rewards Window!

EP Bonus Events!

One thing we heard a lot about was the need for more eventful things to occur on the server.  Something to draw people together to enjoy a shared experience.

Introducing EP Bonus Events!
These are Dev-initiated events that can add a fixed amount to everyone’s EP Multiplier as shown above.
If you have 25x during a +10 event, you get 35x!
If you have 1x during a +10 event, you get 11x!
This way the bonus allows both New and Old players alike to benefit equally!

Our first event starts at 10/26/2018 at 00:00UTC and will go until 10/29/2018 00:00UTC (96 hrs) for a +10 bonus!
We hope you find some time to enjoy the extra bonus.

And don’t worry there will be more to come… Stay Tuned!

Semi-Anniversary! 6 Months of Perpetuum!

Paint Party!

As of October 14th, 2018 we will have been live* for 6 months!
*Not including Pre-alpha

To mark this occasion we have prepared a few changes, and a small gift to show you our appreciation for continuing to support the project to help grow and improve Perpetuum!

The Open Perpetuum Project formed over a year ago and back then we did not know what the future held.  The community is growing and so is the game.  We are doing our best to make the most of this opportunity, and can always use your help.  Remember the lifeblood of a sandbox MMO – like Perpetuum – is its players.  Your actions in the game matter, and can create a more welcoming, attractive MMO to join and play together!

We don’t get around to doing blogs as often as we would like, and give enough previews and anticipate future features and developments much before each patch.  And this is something we can use help with! (See the volunteer blog for Community Outreach) In the meantime, enjoy some unexplained snapshots of some work behind the scenes for things to come.

This appears to be important.


Mk2 Capsule? What’s that about?

Assignments: Squads and Beta-2

Greetings Nians!

We have wonderful news for our next Patch.
The Squad Assignments reward structure is getting a full re-balance to ensure that participants see increasing reward as the squad increases in participation.
Previously we introduced a 5% bonus to total NIC earned for each additional participant (maxed at 10).  But you, the community, pointed out that there were still big tradeoffs.  Tokens did not share or scale, nor did reputation scale, though it is shared.  To address this we have detailed our approach in the following blog!

Credit: Seether18
Things are better with friends! Screenshot credit: Seether18

Squad Assignments

So let’s get a few things straight about the Squad Participation System as originally introduced by AC a few years ago:  AC Dev Blog

When you accept a mission in squad – this determines the total level of difficulty based on current squad size.  This also determines the total possible reward. Both of these are capped at 10, neither the difficulty nor the rewards will scale beyond 10 for squads larger than 10 members. If more than 10 participate, the reward will split to all participants, diminishing the cut each receives as the total will remain capped at the 10-reward level.  If someone in the squad of 10 does not participate, their cut of reward is forfeited. The increase for reward was only for NIC and it was linear: the cut you would see for 3/3 participation would be approximately equivalent to 6/6 or 10/10 participation (+/- all the randomness).

Anyone in squad who either completes or assists in completing an assignment will be flagged as a participant.  One can view currently logged participants in the Assignments Window, under the tab “Participants”. That log will update after objectives are completed.

Participation is any action that directly contributes to the completion of the objective.  (This does not include things like having aggro on a kill, but not killing the npc yourself.)

Some assignment types will be easier to do in different sized squads.  The number of objectives that are randomly generated can also affect the ability for everyone to get a chance to participate.  However as assignments become more difficult, it may actually require teamwork to complete. Some in fact were designed for squads with members of different capabilities.  We accept that there are dynamics here that will and will not work to use the squad system in every case. However, we do see it as a problem when those that otherwise could squad up for assignments choose not to because the reward per time/effort diminishes compared to solo assignments.

Featuring: Squad Participation Bonus!

NIC, Reputation, and Tokens will increase by 5% per-participant.*
Tokens will now automatically be split and distributed to participants.

Not only will squading up be more lucrative (and fun!) but the more the merrier! (up to 10)
A squad of 2** will get 110% more NIC, Tokens and Reputation.
A squad of 10** will now get 150% more NIC, Tokens and Reputation!

*Still with the max of 10 – putting the total possible increase from Participation Bonus at 150%
**with full participation.



Also as you, the community, note: Beta 2’s (Alsbale, Novastrov, Kentagura) because of their layout, terrain, facilities, etc. appear to be less useful to capture and occupy because they lack certain necessities for beta-life.

We have addressed some of these issues with new attractive offerings on Beta-2’s from previous patches:

  • Lower level and smaller non-aggressive NPC’s were added
  • Outpost Facility Points are higher than Beta 1’s
  • Anomalies support Level 3 TAPs (Even if they say “Level 2” – Game client issue.)

Still we knew our Beta-2 mission was not complete.
Thus we are introducing:


Beta-2 Assignments!

Level 0-7, Mining and Harvesting Assignments are coming to Beta 2 outposts!

Why not all types?  Why not field terminals?  Why level 7?

If you remember, the AC Devs put in extensive work to integrate the random assignments system, and seed the necessary infrastructure on the islands to have missionspots for every objective type scattered about in roughly equidistant fashion to allow players to do assignments wherever they like and let the random system send them on journey’s all about the island.
There is an inordinate amount of work to achieve this that will require tooling development to support this at any reasonable scale.  To do a full assignment system integration like the other islands would be too much of a set back to other Roadmap items we, and the community, are expecting.  However, there was no good source of NIC for Beta-2 dwellers. Fortunately we found a satisfiable solution. Resource gathering assignments do not require the island infrastructure to be populated to correctly generate assignment objectives.  Populating them at the existing outposts was the best solution.

Level 7’s at the Beta-2 outposts are being introduced to also allow for players to gain higher reputation, further enhancing the beta-industry theme of Beta-2’s.  Additionally, the higher level will give greater reward, but taking them from the outpost is often less efficient that from a field terminal. Thus we expect that level 6’s on Beta-1’s and level 7’s on Beta-2’s will be comparable in their reward per unit time and effort.

We are interested in keeping Beta-2’s unique in some capacities from Beta-1’s and not simply making them strictly superior in every aspect.  For example: this may create demand and traffic across the different betas, requiring agents to move beyond one island to access different content.  Having everything you need at your doorstep may not be what is best for a open-world pvp sandbox; encouraging interaction with others (whether through the trade window, or at the business end of a Znatvoy-Berjiar-IA Medium Autocannon) should be what it is all about!

Stay tuned for an announcement regarding these changes in the next Patch!


Syndicate Shops and Tokens: Details for Live Patch 3

Greetings Nians!
Live patch 3 brings many changes, most notably the Robot Painting System.
Because this is a big addition to the Syndicate Shop’s selection of goods, we also took this opportunity to reconsider and re-balance some existing item pricing and provide new, improved, ways for players to access more and different content.

Token Sources

Because of the way the world is structured, the way Tokens from assignments work, the potential sources for Tokens follows this model:

Essentially, faction tokens are a PVP-good, which gives them a little more value than what one could achieve running alpha assignments, because of the inherent risk on Beta.  Many have found lucrative ways to stealthily run assignments, and that’s great!  A player does not need to conquer an island, or event an outpost to access these goods.  However, to allow Alpha-players to get factional-tokens for goods sold at the Public Beta Terminals, and for Beta-runners to still have some reasonable way to get universal tokens.  We have introduced the Token Exchanges!

Token Exchanges

Instead of these sources being completely exclusive, and relying purely on sandbox economic forces to get tokens flowing across borders, the Token Exchange provides a way for players to access this content.

An important point to remember is that using the Token Exchange, there is inherent loss.  One would be more efficient using trading, the market, or running the assignments, to get the other Token-type.  As a baseline, we introduce these Exchanges to allow players to have reasonably balanced access to goods, where the trade-off is increased cost to balance against the removal of risk.

The Token Exchanges are located on alpha-only.  Hershfield Main, and Thruhold-Markson Alpha (TMA) Terminals host the Universal-to-factional exchanges.  The 3 outposts on New Virginia, Bellicha, Lenworth, and Cadavaria host each of the factional-to-the-rest exchanges.  We had to disperse these orders among different shops because of a technical detail in the client that prevented the same item to be bought with two different pricing models or orders.  However, it follows nicely with the local NPC’s that have invaded those corners of New Virginia.  We hope this may give New Virginian residents hints to where they may find different NPC-factions to shoot.

New and Updated Syndicate Shop orders

Furthermore we reduced the pricing of ALL AMMO on syndicates shops by half on the NIC price.  These “PVP” ammos were underutilized through Syndicate Shop purchases.  Players often opted to use what they obtain through SAP loot, artifact loot, high-end NPC loot etc.  This includes the “advanced” scanner charges.

Also to further spice up the Robot Paint idea.  The Paint items are seeded on the Syndicate Shops for NIC-only on Alpha, and for Tokens-only on Beta.  The mixture of the factional Tokens required for a paint is determined by the RGB ratio of the color, using each of the faction-Tokens to represent amounts of Red, Green and Blue.  So if you find yourself with a surplus of Tokens but need the NIC, one may opt to purchase their paints using this method instead!

Providing players more choice, and multiple ways to access and explore the content in the game, while maintaining a health economy is a tricky balance, but we hope these changes will move all of this in the right direction, and help us prepare for even more changes down the road.

We are excited to deliver these changes in the next patch today, and hope to see all of you enjoying the new content!

Thank you again for all of your support! 
Many of these changes and features were direct requests from the community.  Your support and feedback is a vital component to improving the game and helping it grow.  We can not thank you all enough for the thoughtful suggestions and requests.

Here is to today’s patch, and many more to come!

-The OP Team

Paint: An Introduction and Guide

You have asked for Robot Paint since the time before time began, on a server long-ago.
It is with great pleasure that we announce:

Robot Paint is coming to the server!

This is a very new feature and to work with the capabilities of the client as it is currently implemented, some may find this process a bit circuitous.  So to explain, we have assembled the following guide which you may reference:

OpenPerpetuum’s guide on Painting your Robot!

The Color Guide

Because there is no good way to “preview” paints, we will have to rely on the community (that’s you!) to show us what all of your lovely bots look like with all of the different colors!
To give a taste of what you will get, we have assembled a few images to give you an idea of how it might appear on your bot!  (Results may vary!  Weather, daylight, lighting, color balance, etc.)

How To Apply Paint

  1. Purchase a Paint
    • Paint can be purchased for NIC at Hershfield or TMA
    • Or for an assortment of Tokens at any beta terminal.
  2. You must be in a Terminal
    • Not a field terminal.  Docked in a real Terminal.
  3. Put the Paint in the desired Robot’s Cargo
    • The robot must be unpacked (not necessarily “active”).
  4. Right click on the Paint — Click Activate
    • A dialog will appear indicating the consumption of 1 paint (displayed as -1 paint).
    • Right clicking on a stack of paints, in robot cargo, will only use one of the items off the stack.
  5. To Refresh or Show your paint, (re)open the equip window on the robot to which the paint was applied.
    1. At first, the color may not show if you have your equip window open.
    2. Doing anything to cause the equip window to refresh will force the client to re-render the robot, and your color will appear.
    3. You may also undock in the robot and you will see the new color.

How To NOT Apply Paint

  1. You cannot activate paints outside of a Terminal.
    • It does not even present the option to do so.
  2. You cannot activate paints in a storage container, private storage, or any other storage.
    • The “activate” button appears, but will give an error if you try.
  3. Check that you open the correct bot’s cargo before applying paint
    • It is easy to mix up, be careful!
  4. Repackaging your Robot RESETS the color and decay to the Robot’s “natural” (faction) color.


Paints are implemented with a few features that add to the immersion, economy, pve and pvp player experience.

  1. Paints are Consumable.
    • Activating a Paint consumes it.
  2. Paints are lootable, like any item.
    • Carrying paint in cargo will be dropped on death (at same loot-drop chance as anything else).
  3. Robots with any Paint applied to them WILL DROP THAT PAINT on death.
    • At the same loot-drop chance as other loot.
  4. Paints decay (just as your bot’s color did before).
    • Each time you are shot there is a chance you gain some “decay” which is rendered as paint getting worn off over time and damage.

How to Apply Paints (with PICTURES!)

Month 2: Perpetual Progress

Our next phase of development is already underway and would like to share details of the upcoming patch this weekend, and sneak peek the one coming after.
This Sunday at the regular patch time there are a great number of changes, bug fixes, features, and new content based on our roadmap and your feedback!

Highlights for Patch 2018/06/10


All Mk1 Haulers have been given an increase in cargo sizes by at least 50% to as much as 500%+!
Most are simple increases, however a major change to the nature of how the Scarab operates was introduced to move it into a new role as truly a “Freighter” type hauler.
The Scarab is given an enormous cargo, more tank, but is much slower.  This type of hauler is not something that travels alone, and not without mobile teleports.  The idea was to move the focus away from having a caravan of scarabs to move massive amounts of goods, but to involve more players together in a teamed-activity of combat-escort.  Only one player will be needed to run the hauler, while others will need to actively scout and defend when the Scarab is vulnerable.  We think this will move the logistics-meta into a corp and squad-based activity.  Solo players will still have the Lithus and the other classes to use, all of which will now have greatly expanded cargoes.

Pelistal Mk1s have been given an increase in CPU on all bots, a slight increase to the Waspish’s Accumulator, and increased the optimal range on small missiles.  Based on community feedback, the Pelistal toe-to-toe with other faction variants seemed to under-perform in most cases.  Pelistal is a problematic faction to balance because the weapon system and tanking specialty is unique.  How they perform varies greatly with circumstance, situation, squad composition, and player skill.  We will continue to watch balancing issues carefully to ensure all factions and classes have a place and purpose players can find for them.


Squad payouts have increased the per-participant reward from 2.5% to 5% per participant.  This is only computed after the mission completes, it will not appear in the estimate.  With 10 (max) participants in the mission, you can receive as much as 150% more NIC.


Our content team is proud to introduce a slew of new NPCs to the world to provide new experiences and opportunities to get the goods to fuel the economy!
First the Omega boss-spawns have been greatly increased in their loot potentials, more kernels, more fragments, and don’t forget the high-tech gear they already drop!
To follow up adding low-level Nian-faction spawns to New Virginia  and Hershfield to provide some source of factional material on the starting zones.  These are designed to be soloable at sufficient level of player progression.  We heard you: the spawns are too big, too high level, too fast.  Stepping stones are needed.  Now those are in place!
Further more, the Syndicate NPCs on alpha, specifically some of the mech/Heavy-mech spawns had their fits adjusted to make them more Alpha-player friendly.  Even though the Syndicate npcs may still be more challenging, their loot will reward you for your efforts.
Finally, we now introduce you to William H Bonney, and his band of Rough Riders!


This rogue faction of Syndicate Agents have rebelled and are attempting to control a portion of New Virginia for themselves!  Bonney has stolen the Syndicate’s technology and is said to posses a number of prototypes.  If you take up the call to dispatch these scoundrels, you may reclaim the stolen goods!  More details to be posted the Syndicate News in game!

Beta Changes:

Beta presents great rewards to those that organize and put the effort into leveraging the mechanics and tools of the sandbox to mitigate the risk that Open-PVP zones introduce.  This is the principal of Risk:Reward.  Where it is found to deviate too far in either way, it will be balanced.

Thus we introduce the following changes:

  • Probes will despawn after 8 hours.
  • Interzones Mobile Teleports are smaller, maskier, and will no longer reveal their destination to non-squad members.
  • Assignment return-teleports will last half as long on Beta: 2.5 minutes.

Overall this adds risk, so the reward is increased in-kind:

  • Beta now has island-wide Aura effect that increases ore and harvest yield by +25%.

These changes will make beta more attractive, more active, and borders more permeable.  Remember, just as easily as you can move about, so can your enemy.

What’s Next?











(It’s happening)

Details to follow in the next blog.

See you in game Agent o7

-The OP Team

Month One: Perpetuum Begins!

Agents of Nia!
It has been a fantastic, explosive, and productive one month since our official launch of the OpenPerpetuum server!  A quick summary of all that has been accomplished by the team and all of you wonderful players since April 14th.

We have seen 120+ concurrent players on, and averaged above 50 throughout the weeks.  Since launch we have more than 750+ accounts created. We have had record highs on steam: Perpetuum has not seen this many concurrent steam players January 2017!  (Steam’s numbers do not include any duplicate steam clients nor legacy non-steam clients.)  With your donations we have launched the first ever crowd-funded campaign to promote Perpetuum Online and to tell people about the game and the new server!


The dev team has delivered several patches to the live server including things that have radically improved server performance, NPC AI improvements, fixed bugs with things like the Most-dangerous agents reporting, and spun up the API for a killboard!  Not only that, we have listened to all the voices and concerns in the community to address issues, find bugs, exploits, and adjust balance and content changes to address the feedback we get from all of you. These community-driven items include: rebalance on Mk1 bots, Hershfield observer changes, Stronghold respawn timer fixes, additional spawns on alpha, and more!

Looking forward we are working on new features, balance, and implementation of exciting new content outlined in our Beta Phase of the Roadmap blog.  We are looking forward to telling you all about our ideas and getting your feedback on all of this new material!

In the meantime, the OPP team would like to thank every player, new and old, indy and ganker, every member of the community for your dedication to the game and its future.  An MMO is nothing without its players; this game is for ALL of you.

Keep getting out there and generating content!  The sandbox is open to your actions to sculpt it and create player-driven content, markets, industry, war and more!  We hope you see an opportunity here to promote activity in the sandbox through gameplay.  Every player can contribute to the growth of the game everyday.  Every interaction matters. You matter.

This is your world is yours to shape Agent!  And it is only just beginning…

-OPP Team

Screenshot credit: Singleton
Submit your screenshots on Discord under #op-media!

How to Connect

How to Connect

  1. Purchase and download the Perpetuum Online Steam Client
  2. Open Client
  3. Click on Server List
  4. Find the Open Perpetuum Project Live Server | 142:44:143:226
  5. Click ADD to add to your favorites for easy future logins
  6. Proceed to Register.  See how here in this post
  7. Login with your registered credentials and Play!